Mpulse Tarrif Plan Package Is Now Unavailable For New Users!! 😢 Why?

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Hello guys! Can you guess what's going on now on Mpulse Tarrif plan? Right now as am taking, MTN Mpulse Tarrif plan is currently not available for new users to migrate  into.Why? I can't really said so, But i think MTN is about to upgrade and backup something on the Tarrif plan and data also.
I really Congratulate those who that have already migrated to Mpulse tarrif plan package why? Because they still have access to browse, stream and purchase Mpulse data package the same they normally do earlier. I will also advice Our viewers to purchase Mpulse data now, Because MTN can reduced the data  at any unexpected time.

Right now even if you already On Mpulse Tarrif plan package,  Just dial *344*1#. You will recieve a response from MTN Saying!!!

Sorry, Mpulse is currently not available at the time, You will be notified when its backup. Please dial *131# to see our data plans. Thank you.

So Therefore, The Mpulse cheat is still working perfect, The reason is that its just difficult for new users to migrate to Mpulse. And you know that if you didn't migrate to Mpulse package you won't be able to purchase 1.2GB data @150.
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