How i got Free N200 Airtime From MTN Mpulse As Birthday Gift Reward

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Imagine when everyone are still enjoying the Mpulse browsing cheat, it has never used upto a month when another great offer unveiled itself out which gives all MTN Mpulse users free Airtime credits to call for the whole day for free at no cost.
This free N200 Airtime is only Available for Mpulse users only, Because if you aren't on Mpulse tarrif plan you won't be credited. So therefore, For you to enjoy the benefits i will advise you to migrate to Mpulse and dail this code 👉*344*4*1*1#

After dialing the code, You will be asked to Enter your 👉(first name) Just use any name and proceed, You will be also asked to Enter your 👉(Date of birth) Don't use your real date of birth. You need to use Today's date. For example 👉22/10/2018.That's all.

You will be credited with #200 free Airtime within 2min,  To confirm or you wanna check your Balance quickly dial this code 👉*344*4*2#
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