Facebook Added New Features - You Can now Order For Food Directly On Facebook

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Facebook now added new awesome features to the app which enable users to order food using the App. The New features will make users order food directly nearby restaurant while they're doing some other things.
This new features Now available on Windows and iOs devices in the US for now.  But the company said more facebook food ordering features will hit all Android devices very soon and it will be available in all country. 

To Order food in Facebook using this feature. Just Navigate to Explore Menu. Then Tap on Order Food Section,  from There, you will be presented with several options from which you can choose from. Now select what you want and choose Start Order 

 Once you Start Order.  You will see a restaurant in question offer takeout or delivery. All you need to do is,  just Select any of the services you wish to use and follow some few order instructions to order your food. 
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