You Can Now Order Food Directly From Facebook

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Facebook Has Started rolling Out a New Features Called Order Food.Which is powered by and Slice.The New Facebook Features will allow all users to order food from its App is being launched by the social network giant.
in Additional,The Order Food Features also allows users to order food directly from its mobile app or the website itself without getting redirected to a restaurant’s app or website. The Other Food Features is now added to Updated facebook app and web.
The ‘Order Food’ option is available under the hamburger menu and upon clicking, shows up a list of restaurants which use the delivery services. What makes this feature all-inclusive is that a user isn’t required to step out of the Facebook platform even once. Right from placing an order to the payment procedure, everything happens within the app. 

How Facebook Order Food feature works
To order for food from Facebook using the app or web menu is simple. The entire procedure occurs within the Facebook app. There is a map which guides users of the closest restaurants to them which supports the service. Afterwards, you can see reviews, prices of items and other details before finally selecting feoice item.
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