See Why New Nokia 3310 Won't Work in US, Canada, Australia.

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After many leaks, the new Nokia 3310 was unveiled Nokia 3310 (2017) support old GSM bands - 900MHz and 1800MHz The device won't be able to connect to any network in US and Canada
Other countries are also shutting down support for these 2G frequencies.While Nokia 3310 (2017) will be headed to Asia Pacific, it won't work in Australia either 
Similarly, the new Nokia 3310 will not work in Singapore, as the 2G networks will become inoperable starting April 2017 in the country. 

However, HMD Global's new and improved Nokia 3310 (2017) only supports 900MHz and 1800MHz frequencies for now, which means it won't be able to connect to any network in the US and Canada. Most networks are shutting down 2G frequencies gradually, 

Therefore, if you buy the new Nokia 3310 and travel to any of the countries that do not support the 900MHz and 1800MHz bands anymore, you would essentially be left with a device to play Snake on or take low-resolution photos with.
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