MTN Is About To Discountinue Blackberry Subscription {BIS}

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Finally, MTN Nigeria Is About To DiscountinueTheir BlackBerry Subscription By This January Ending. All MTN BlackBerry Subscription {BIS} will be Decommissioned. And Thier wont be any BlackBerry Subscription Anymore On Blackberry Os. Starting From January 27-2017.
MTN Nigeria Have Send Some Of Their Customers Text Message Today. And MTN Is Ready to Stop This Subscriptions Before This January Ending..Because Most of people are not using BlackBerry OS Device .And Most Of Them Are Not Subscribing To Blackberry {bis} Plan Like Before. And Now Many People Are Now using Android And SmartPhone Device.
  MTN Nigeria Has Promised all Custormers that After {BIS} Subscriptions. Has Been Discountinued..
They will increased Their Data plan. and Everyone will now enjoy wonderful discount and bonus on all data Purchase by MTN
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