Cheats: Mtn tariff plan: Best | Cheapest Mtn Tariff Plan November  2016

We'll be looking at the best of the best tariff plans that mtn has to offer.

TruTalk Plus

Rate: 11 kobo per second (N6.6/min)
Usage: Flat to all networks
Conditions: N5 daily access fee
(Charged only when you make the first
call once a day)

How to Migrate to Mtn Truetalk

Code to migrate: Dial “*123*20#”
Code to check call balance on MTN: Dial

2nd Best Tariff Plan: MTN Zone

Rate: Varies depending on location and
time of call
Lowest rate 4k/s (N2.4/min) and
highest rate 40k/s (N24/min)
Usage: Discount only for MTN to MTN
national calls

How to Migrate to Mtn Zone and Start Making Cheap Calls

Code to migrate: Dial “*135*1#” or
text “135” to “131”
Code to check call balance on MTN: Dial
Code to see your active call rate: Dial
Code to view info about your current
zone: Dial *135*2#
Remember to enable cell broadcast on
your phone to display the current rates
on your screen