Unbelievable!! See What The Longest Python In The World Looks Like, The Size Is Shocking (See Video)

Pythons are hideous creatures. And they also can grow to be very big. Recently they have caught the snake that can become the longest ever!

Where do you think they have caught the creature? Well, some men were working at a construction site, when they stumbled over this huge python. The whole situation has taken a place in Malaysia. Sure enough the workers had a fun day! Actually they got an unplanned day off, because the owner was forced to call for the police force to remove the python!

Once they got it out of its hiding place, the men stretched the creature to see, how long it was and measured it. Till this time the longest caught python reached little over 7 meters. But this one was 8+!

On this video you may see 16 people standing in a row and holding the huge snake. They taped its mouth and transported the snake to a place where can live. Watch the video to see this enormous creature crawl the ground!

See video below;