This Tutorials will show you Full Steps on How You can eaily Setup Hotspot Tethering Using Terminal Emulator For Vpn Connections Without too much Stress. Read more below
1. Open the installed Root Browser and locate the downloaded “HOTSPOT” file, then long press on the file to open the options, then tap on “copy” and navigate to “/system/bin/” then tap on paste to copy to that location.
2. After you have pasted it, long press on it and click permission and check all the boxes to change the “hotspot” file permission to 0777 or rwxrwxrws.
3. Now to Connect to any vpn, then open terminal emulator, write
"su" then press Enter Key and
"hotspot" then press Enter Key

4. Minimize the terminal emulator (keep it running) then start your hotspot tethering from setting.

5. Connect all your devices to the hotspot and Enjoy!!!

Download Terminal Emulator.

Download “HOTSPOT” file.
hotspotClick Here To Download 👈

Download Root Explorer (Needs root access)
Root Browser.apk Click Here To Download