If you are a Facebook user, you may have noticed for some time, that the videos runs automatically without asking you. The video plays automatically, but without sound. “If you do not want to look, simply continue to browse your news feed” says Facebook. Some users on the social network find this quite disturbing change. If this feature begins to tire you out, here’s How to disable Facebook video autoplay.
How to disable Facebook video autoplay
To disable Facebook video autoplay, connect to your Facebook account. Then click on the top right menu, and then on “Settings”. On the page that appears in the left menu, click on “Videos” in the left column.

Finally, in the “Auto Play Videos” section, choose “Off” from the dropdown menu. Now Facebook videos won’t run automatically without your permission.Note that this manipulation  affects only the Facebook version of your computer. On The Facebook mobile version, probably this function is already disabled by default. However, the same setting is possible on mobile version, just go to your Facebook setting in your mobile application. Go to videos and photos and change your setting.